Lead and Influence



What if there was a place you could go to get all the support and resources you need to build your team and business?
That is exactly what I have created for you inside Lead and Influence.


We all know that great leadership is not built in a day, a month, or even a year.

Great leadership takes time.
It takes reflective practice.
It takes mentors.

And it takes COMMUNITY.
The leaders I work with often tell me that the knowledge I share with them in my 6-week leadership programme is incredibly useful, but they also need…  

⚡ more time to reflect, to practice, to ask questions, to compare notes.  

⚡ an intimate space where they can bring their questions and challenges without fear of being judged or of revealing too much.  

⚡ a place where they can find all the resources and answers to support their day-to-day experiences of leadership.  

⚡ a community of diverse leaders to learn and grow alongside.








I work with business owners and managers to help them become more effective, more connected with their teams, and ultimately more satisfied with their work.

Organisations like ANZ, nab, Telstra, Victoria Police, Qantas, Australian Pork, City of Melbourne and many more have trusted me to lead their teams through change. I’ve run businesses, hired and lost staff and made many leadership mistakes. I still do, and from each I learn how to do better next time.

When I did my MBA I was running a business and that taught me a lot of things about what I wasn't doing right at the time. 20+ years later I’m still practicing and learning every. single. day.

Leadership is a huge responsibility. And it comes with plenty of challenges. In my work I’ve been helping individual leaders and teams address their challenges so they can create better, happier, more successful work environments. But helping one leader at a time is not enough.

That’s where my brand new LEAD AND INFLUENCE comes in…

It’s THE missing piece in the puzzle of continuous learning and growth as a leader. 


  • ️A small accountability group or accountability partner to meet with regularly so you have a leadership sounding board and can support one another 
  • ️A personalised Team Management Profile to strengthen your self awareness
  • ️Monthly LIVE Deep Dives + a Q&A on topics focusing on specific topics you have a say on, so we're always talking about what's relevant to you
  • ️Articles, books, interviews and other relevant resources so you have access to the latest thinking on leadership
  • Templates to help you confidently deal with challenges as they arise 
  • ️A private group where you can connect with other business owners and managers
  • Special members' rates for extra leadership support with Juliet beyond the mastermind


✔️  Find a sounding board for your leadership challenges and ideas
✔️  Feel less alone and more supported as a business owner or manager
✔️  Start amplifying the impact you make at work and in your life
✔️  Build your effectiveness as a leader - increasing the productivity and morale of your team
✔️  Feel more confident motivating and guiding your team


In fact, there is nothing else like this out there.

You’ll have access to an extensive range of resources you can tap into whenever you need them (think challenges like dealing with high conflict people, getting people back into the office or building influence beyond the team).

Plus a community that enables you to connect with other business owners and managers, without a restrictive, highly structured programme. Where you can discuss your challenges, share advice and discuss ideas with other business owners or managers.


As a member of Lead and Influence, you will get access to the Team Management Profile (TMP), one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools for personal, team and leadership development.  You'll unpack your work and communication preferences so you can go beyond what you think you know about yourself. Understanding even ONE element in your profile has the potential to transform your leadership.  

Leaders who take the TMP keep telling me things like:

I didn’t realise how important this was!!!’ 

You’ll have my guidance on how to use the TMP findings, and how to apply all the leadership learnings inside the Mastermind to your individual preferences and style, so they immediately become easy to implement and sustain.


Working with Juliet is insightful, inspiring and rewarding - and your team will thank you! Such warmth and genuine care make every interaction a pleasure."

Founder - Change Effect

"Juliet is a fantastic communicator and I really appreciated and enjoyed the webinar today. It offered some VERY useful insights into leading a team. I will certainly be putting those insights to good use. Looking forward to the next one!"

TH9 Outdoor Services

"This was my first time as a leader working with a leadership development specialist. Much of my focus was previously on finances, working priorities and deliverables of a company rather than building the culture. Had I known how much of a difference this makes, I would have done it earlier."

CEO - Australian Pork


  You are making decisions intuitively – not sure why they work or fail
  You feel like you should have more influence than you do
  You find some staff members difficult to work with and motivate
  Your team feels like a group of individuals doing their own thing but no one is responsible 
  You are avoiding difficult conversations with staff and often making a mess of difficult conversations
  You are not sure why people stay with you, or why they leave – and the good people often leave
  You have no one to talk to about the ‘people’ issues in your team and business 


🡆  You will be across some key leadership models and making decisions based both your intuition and recognised tools
🡆  You will better understand where your power and influence lie and build your influence in all areas of your work and life
🡆  You will have an understanding of work styles and how to work with people whose styles are different to yours
🡆  You will have a team united around common goals and owning their work
🡆  You will feel confident setting and holding boundaries
🡆  You will be confident planning and having difficult conversations that shift behaviour
🡆  You will understand what motivates your team members and how to keep them engaged
🡆  You will be part of group of likeminded business owners and managers who are in the ‘the mastermind’ with you having confidential discussions about the issues you are all facing, the challenges and the wins 


If you’re after a straightup management programme, or a certification to demonstrate you can lead, this is not the right programme for you. You’ll get the most use out of the mastermind if you’re already a leader and you’re looking for a place to help you be a better one, and to get the resources and support you need.

LEAD AND INFLUENCE will help you become more effective at leading your team and your business even if:

⚡️ you feel like you don’t have time for anything new... the resources are available when you are, and you can easily search for the tools you need when you need them.  

⚡️ you feel like the way you lead gets the job done... Of course you can keep leading the way you do and you will keep getting the job done; BUT if you feel like you want to shift your results and your thinking to the next level, Lead & Influence will grant you access to skill development + resources + a group of people who are going through the same things you are.

⚡️ the thought of meeting and talking to strangers about your business makes you feel incredibly uncomfortable... Most of us feel like this but, trust me, once you’ve met with your small group (no more than five people) and have started talking about what you’re doing, you will wonder how you ever managed without this group.  


Lead & Influence is broken down into a 4-part framework, so you get the support you need to settle in and get the results you need as soon as possible.

When you join Lead & Influence, you’ll be getting weekly emails + materials to help you brush up on some leadership essentials. We also invite you to complete your Team Management Profile (TMP) and book your briefing session with Juliet. You get introduced to your Mastermind group and invited to your first session. We help you organise all that, so you don’t have to worry about too much admin.

It sounds like a lot for one month, doesn’t it? That’s because we want to help you build momentum quickly, so that you can start seeing the effects FAST. No, you don’t have to finish all the modules, but if you can even dip into each one weekly, it’s going to help you gain that momentum.

Walk away with:
✔️  Your individual profile and a clear understanding of how you can use it to help you build your influence and effectiveness
✔️  Momentum so that you start feeling like a new leader quickly
✔️  A clear map for your first month inside the Mastermind.

On the first Tuesday of every month we have a leadership training call, where we cover one very relevant topic. We choose this topic with input from you, and with a close eye on what’s happening in the world of leadership. This is training that you can’t get anywhere else, that answers the questions that are keeping you up at night.
Here are some examples of what we talked about in previous deep dives: how to work across generations, how to get your team restarted in the New Year, productive conflict and how to manage it and more. And yes, you also get access to the old Deep Dives, so you can dip into them whenever you’re dealing with that particular challenge.

Walk away with:
✔️  A library of go-to trainings to access and help you tackle different situations
✔️  The chance to have a say in the topic of deep dive, so it’s always relevant to you

Once you have a chance to reflect on the deep dive, and even apply some of the strategies I share, you’ll probably have questions. This is what the call is for. We walk through your questions and challenges, so you can leave with clear actions for you and your team. And if you can’t make the call, you can submit your questions ahead of time.

Walk away with:
✔️  One-on-one coaching on the call
✔️  Your questions answered and discussed in real time

For most of the members already inside the Lead & Influence Mastermind, not having a sounding board was a huge gap. The reality is that your team often are not your best sounding board. There are confidentiality issues and you simply can’t talk about your concerns and challenges. Loneliness and frustration ensue.

That’s why we have two layers of community inside the Mastermind. There is a Facebook group where all members can share and pitch in with advice, but there is also the small, intimate mastermind - the 2-4 people who will grow into your most trusted co-mentors. Of course, there is a cone of silence around both of these communities, so everything you say is not only confidential, but it’s welcome without judgment and with lots of empathy.

Walk away with:
✔️  A trusted group to help you evolve as a leader
✔️  A place to bring challenges,questions and ideas with the reassurance of that valuable cone of silence.

Here's a reminder of what you get...

Joining fee: $199 + GST (this includes your personalised leader profile and a debrief so you understand how to get the most out of it)

Pay Monthly


Recurring payment -
cancel anytime after the first 60 days*

You get:
✔️ Your very own mastermind group
✔️ Personalised Team Management Profile
✔️ Monthly deep dives and Q&As
✔️ Library of leadership resources at your fingertips
✔️Templates to help you face challenges more prepared
✔️ A private community of leaders

Pay Annually


Best value: Get 2 months FREE

Recurring payment - cancel anytime after the first 60 days*

You get:
   ✔️ Your very own mastermind group  
✔️ Personalised Team Management Profile  
✔️ Monthly deep dives and Q&As  
✔️ Library of leadership resources at your fingertips
✔️ Templates to help you face challenges more prepared  
✔️ A private community of leaders
✔️ A $200 saving

BONUS 1: THREE one-on-one sessions with Juliet - one when you start + 6-month and 12-month checkins
BONUS 2: LIVE Let's Fix Your Team Issues Coaching Call with Kristy-Lee Billett and Juliet Robinson

OUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We put our heart and soul in creating the best environment for passionate leaders we could imagine, so we're pretty confident it will be that for you. But if you find that it's not quite right for you, fear not, there's a 60-day money-back guarantee .
All that we ask is that you complete the first onboarding steps: complete your TMP and attend your first meetings with your accountability group. If you've done these but you still feel like Lead & Influence is not the right place for you, and it hasn't been more than 60 days since you signed up, just drop us an email at admin@biggoals.com.au and we'll look after the rest.
Note: We can’t refund your joining fee as that covers the Team Management Profile, which is not our product; we just buy that on your behalf.

How's that for peace of mind?

"I had been working in a new role and had been promoted to a team leader, when some challenges arose in the team. I knew I needed to enhance my self-awareness in this new role, and understand how I lead best so I can draw up my team. Working with Juliet has helped in so many ways. From understanding myself and understanding people better and why they might react a certain way, to how to build and maintain trust.

ANNE COOPER Region Lead - Outback Futures


Still have questions? Here are some answers we prepared earlier.

When you join Lead and Influence we will allocate you to your very own mastermind group (2-5 people maximum). We do this based on your answers to the onboarding form, so that your group is a good fit for you and where you are in your leadership.

We put you all in touch with one another, with the recommendation that you meet fortnightly for an hour or so; we will also give you ideas for building connection and trust within the group.  When you meet regularly and share openly it won’t take long for you to feel that this group is your ‘go to’ for all your leadership successes, challenges and everything in between.    

We choose your accountability partners for you based on a range of factors, including your leadership experience, goals and more. And we’ll know this because we ask you to fill in a form as soon as you join the Mastermind. 

In the first meeting of my first mastermind group, one member of the group was very wary and pretty rude and I came away wondering whether the group would work for me. In the second meeting the conversations helped her relax and become more open, so I decided to stay in for a few more meetings and see what happens. We have been meeting for over two years now and I find myself looking forward to the discussions and support I find in these meetings.

So, my message is be patient. Having said that, if, after a few meetings, you feel like you are not gelling with the group, just let us know and we can talk about moving you to a different group. 

Oh yes! I think we have all had this feeling at some stage. The way you lead at the moment is getting the job done, but you’re here, reading this page, because you want something more.

We work on the premise (and we’re pretty confident on that) that having tools and support to help get your team humming is going to give you back time. And feeling supported as you do it, finding a mastermind group of people who understand where you are and are right there with you…all these things will help you move things along without second guessing yourself or burning out. 

Absolutely! Just email Danni at admin@biggoals.com.au and she will organise this for you.

We get it. Sometimes we start things and realise it isn’t the right time or the right community for us. The monthly membership option is an ideal way to join if you are unsure. You still get access to the team management (TMP) profile and the personalised debrief session with Juliet, but you can still leave anytime, no questions asked (although of course we’d like to know, not to convince you otherwise, but to make sure we understand what didn’t work for you and fix it for future members).

We also have a 60 day money back guarantee, whether you have joined with a monthly or an annual membership. If at any time in the first 60 days of your membership you decide we are not for you, just let us know and we will refund your membership fees. No questions asked.
Note: We can’t refund your joining fee as that covers the Team Management Profile, which is not our product; we just buy that on your behalf. 

So, if you feel like...

...your leadership challenges have been holding your business or your career back
...your team should be performing better
...you want to connect with others to have a safe  sounding board for your challenges and plans...

 Join us in LEAD AND INFLUENCE and amplify your effectiveness and your confidence as a leader.