Team Profile Management (TMP) + debrief from Juliet

I have done over 600 profiles by now, and I never get tired of the reactions that I get from people. Getting the level of awareness that the TMP grants you can unlock SO much in your leadership. Knowing yourself is, in my opinion (and evidenced over and over again by the leaders I’ve worked with), the key to impactful leadership.

 The half an hour where we further discuss the findings will see you walk away with a fresh understanding of how you can do your best work.


➤ We send you a link to an online questionnaire you need to fill in
➤ Once you have completed the questionnaire you will be sent a link to your profile
➤ I have recorded a detailed explanation of the model and what your preferences mean for how you lead, and how you can best leverage who you are and you you work
➤ When you’re ready, you and I meet for 30 minutes on zoom to go through the implications of your profile and how you can use it to boost your influence and impact.


➤ A personalised profile of nearly 30 pages (every profile is different), that articulates your work and communication preferences and looks at what these mean for you at work
➤ An understanding of how your preferences can help you connect more effectively with people both in and beyond your team
➤ The opportunity to discuss your profile with me and get the benefit of my experience to help you magnify behaviours that help you and shift behaviours that might be holding you back
➤ Clarity around how you work and communicate and insights into how you can use this to build your leadership.  

Cost $538 (Inc GST)